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How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Easily

 This step by step training explains the particular more knowledge about attracting woman cartoons and manga style eye and give detailed attracting instances per step.



This training targets attracting woman cartoons eye yet there are several alternative eye attracting course here with when well. If you've already investigated those people please know that there can be several overlapping information.

Female Anime Eye Specifics (Before You Start Drawing)

Cartoons eye tend to be sketched larger and more expansive than true eyes. This is particularly so intended for woman people who will have bigger and more expansive eye than their own male counterparts.

A very important factor that basically models woman cartoons eye other than male will be more popular sexy eyelash (longer, thicker, and much more of them). This is not always the case but it really will are typically so.

Be sure you help make mild wrinkles intended for the cloths line attracting portion of the training (if drawing on paper) when you will need to do a bit of erasing as a result of different steps. An individual may go around your own attracting using a more stable collection once you are done.

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shape of the Eye

Get started the drawing with the outside form of the particular eye. In this instance the particular eyelids/eyelashes.

Step 2 – Draw the Shape of the Iris

Draw the particular iris up and down stretched (compared to be able to a real eye). Simply a oval with the top and bottom hidden through the eyelids.

Step 3 – Draw the Pupil

From the iris attract the particular college student searching for the particular form of the particular iris yet smaller.

Step 4 – Indicate Dark Area at Top of Iris


Come up with a collection to your superior 1 / 2 the interest that may suggest the particular dark area moderately manufactured by the cisco kid as well as the sexy eyelash reflecting from the eyes.

You can remove the cloths line overlapping the particular college student in the next step. 

The real reason for attracting this up nevertheless such as that is certainly to be sure that both parties fit and that you have a nice and simple curve.

Step 5 – Draw the Primary Reflection

Draw the primary representation area with the main mild supplier like just as one indoors lamp, a fireplace, and the sun. 

You can remove the particular the main college student and shadow that is certainly overlapped through the reflection.

The contour and color of the particular representation can depend with is very important and color of the sunshine source. 

Commonly around cartoons just get away from the particular representation white-colored and provide an incredibly many times shape similar to a circle or maybe oval.

Step 6 – Draw the Secondary Reflection

This representation in most cases come from the mild of the main mild supplier bouncey off of on the surface area and will also be small compared to the primary reflection.

Once more remove the part of the particular college student overlapped through the reflection.

Step 7 – Shade The Different Area of the Eye

Lastly you may color different spots sketched in the step. If perhaps drawing on document purely get away from the particular reflections white.

Cover from the sun the particular eyelids which will are formally portion of the sexy eyelash black. Cover from the sun the particular college student african american when well.

Lastly color the particular iris grey as well as every colouring you choose your eyes to be able to have.

Step 8 – Add the Outer Top Eyelid Eyelashes

It must be famous that one could visit to move seven of the training you are able to completely usual cartoons eye speculate the particular training targets woman eye we will add some eyelashes.

The first place you intend to put the particular sexy eyelash to be able to is the outside factors of the eye. Normally sexy eyelash (real eyelashes) variety of supporter available throughout the eyelids so you can attract cartoons sexy eyelash around a similar way.

Up coming add some lesser sexy eyelash with the interior place of the eye.

Ever since the sexy eyelash are quite smaller it's also possible to color these when you attract them.

There's no need so as to add every in between as these typically have a tendency to stage send and as a consequence visually variety of simply just merge in to one particular shape.

Step 9 – Add the Bottom Eyelashes

Lastly add some minor sexy eyelash with the outside and essential bottom level factors with the interest to experience a done attracting with a woman cartoons eye.

Color & Gradient

You can even colouring the interest instead of just treatment this using greys along with add some gradient.

For gradient you may color the particular iris to be dark toward it can be outside tips and lighter to your middle.

Drawing Both Eyes

In case you are attracting both equally eye at a time acquire just about every move per eye previous to trying out the next step.

Yet another thing to note is usually that the mild reflections aren't going to be reflected and come in the identical jobs inside eyes.

 Placing Anime Eyes on the Head Vertically

To set your eyes with the top up and down break down the particular go to two and attract these beneath the center almost point.

Please be aware in which true eye usually are situated on that collection but also in cartoons eye are typically sketched reduce on the head. Specifically so intended for more youthful woman characters.

Spacing Anime Eyes

To set your eyes available just get away from a range of the wider of just one eye among them.


However cartoons eye are not too difficult to attract they certainly include a lot of versions according to various claims, feelings and in some cases personalities.












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