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How To Draw Cute Female Anime Character Step By Step

 This particular comprehensive tutorial demonstrates precisely how to draw any cute anime gal having an explanation associated with ratios which make any female figure seem “cute” and created examples.


Anime heroes are generally driven “cute” by default (though some styles are more serious) and you can easily fine-tune your ratios plus positioning on the makeup functions in most approaches (explained inside the actions below) to generate a figure seem much more cute even by means of anime standards.

Them should also be known that will by looking into making a character seem cuter you'll commonly routinely cause them to seem younger. However sometimes even adult heroes are still driven this kind of way.

Step 1 – Drawing a Cute Anime Girl's Head

Cute wanting anime heroes normally have even bigger brains plus foreheads together with small chins.

With regard to the front see start with sketching an oval with the top of the head plus to that particular include the base 50 % on the face. The base section of the deal with need to narrows appreciably as the story goes down.

With regard to the side see again start with your oval on the top of the head an on that will draw your nose/jaw area. Don't include the small print just like the mouth area with regard to eventually steps.

Now only appraisal your placement of your nose area with regard to the side see (covered within Measure 3).

Step 2 – Place and Draw the Eyes & Eyebrows

For any cuter seem put the eye even reduce compared to normal. In addition just remember to draw your eye area major plus tall.

In such a case we shall in fact put the eye by first adding your eyebrows. To get this done draw any side to side line exactly from the middle of the head plus draw the bottom of your eyebrows touching this kind of line. Understand that your eye area can easily switch based on the heroes makeup expression. This particular positioning is designed for eyebrows into their organic position.

You may draw an indication on the eye lids upon this kind of line as well as the eyebrows a bit beneath that.

Step 3 – Placing & Drawing the Nose

Bring your nose area between the series from the middle of the deal with plus the bottom of your chin.

Step 4 – Drawing & Placing the Ears

The actual ears is going to be protected by curly hair within eventually actions nonetheless we shall look at adding these people in case you want to draw some other hairstyle.

Position the ears between the top of the nearly stage between the top of the eye as well as the chin.

Step 5 – Placing & Drawing the Mouth

That will put your mouth area draw them exactly regarding the nose area as well as the chin.

For any cute seem you should definitely draw a compact mouth. Also you can draw a bit separate in the mouth area line.

Step 6 – Drawing Cheeks & Blush

To help provide figure a level cuter (but in addition much more childish) visual appeal atart exercising . impression within the cheeks. With regard to the series sketching version this can be achieved by means of sketching some tilted lines.

Step 7 – Drawing the Hair

For any cute wanting figure you can create the head of hair relatively “puffy” sketching them a fantastic mileage from the head.

Step 8 – Coloring the Character

You may basically shade any cute figure character just like you would almost every other one.

Only fill in every place while using the correct shade plus atart exercising . simple covering afterwards.

Then add covering in the top as there in most cases certainly be a darkness now there toss by means of the top and several eye shadows in the facial skin toss because of the hair.

A person can also add some quite lumination red/pink towards impression within the cheeks.


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