How to Draw Chibi Anime Female Character

 This particular tutorial shows how to get a properly stylized female “Chibi” anime individuality using a big go plus a smaller body. It gives tips on a amounts to get your body along with the keeping a cosmetic features.


Chibi anime characters include really stylized minds plus very small bodies. These kinds of characters could do well in making easy storyboards and simple manga or maybe animated graphics since they may be driven much faster then a reasonable plus specific character.

Because of their big minds they're also best for demonstrating numerous emotions.

Needs to be that when you're going to end up being subsequent alongside employing pad plus papers you'll want to help make light outlines to get the initial phases of here is your chance since you will need to do a little erasing for the duration of distinct actions in the tutorial.

Step 1 – Establish the Body Proportions

Needs to be in which your body amounts with the aforementioned model are only a hint while there is no one collection way to get chibi bodies. A number of is capable of having totally substantial minds the size of your body and a few could be nearer to much more conventional anime characters.

That you follow this model draw a character's entire body since large since one and a half of the heads. Draw a upper body exactly the same lower limbs to be the exact same height.

The particular feet and hands of chibi characters can often be driven without having demonstrating the consumer feet or maybe fingers.

Regarding this type of type draw a usb minus the info on a palms (as the individuality sports mittens).

Step 2 – Draw the Face

Needs to be that these amounts (just just like people for any body) are just suggestions.

That will put a cosmetic features using the amounts with this tutorial draw since follow:

  1. Draw any flat range in the core go plus draw the eye area plus hearing underneath in which range (draw these folks since large since 1/4 of the head or maybe two in the department with the aforementioned example)
  2. Draw any flat range among the foot of the eye area along with the chin area plus draw a lips underneath in which line.
  3. Draw any flat range 1/8 of the head tall (one department with higher than example) right up through the top sight plus draw a eyebrows underneath that.

As is usually the event to get chibi characters it is possible to keep away from illustrating a sinuses just about all together.

Make sure you likewise be aware that the hearing are offered to be a reference point they'll be covered by the wild hair with afterwards phases in the tutorial.

Step 3 – Draw the Hair

As chibi minds are usually hence substantial huge chibi wild hair can nevertheless be driven using some detail.

Regarding wild hair similar to the aforementioned model draw the best perhaps the wild hair following a model of your head and after that branching available in to man or women sections in which slim towards ends.

Clear off the parts in the go in which are handled by your hair after you are done. You possibly can keep a eyebrows along with cosmetic features (if you want to draw an alternative hairstyle) the overlap using the wild hair as this is not unusual to get these types of characters.

Step 4 – Draw the Clothes

Much like chibi figures chibi apparel are often simple (drawn using a smaller amount aspect and fewer to simply no folds).

In this case the type will probably wear a simple university uniform. Draw the best perhaps the clothing along with the shoes and boots plus socks just about adhering a model of your body using the masturbator sleeves plus dress fanning available towards bottom.

Step 5 – Finished Line Drawing

Finalize the fishing line illustrating by having smaller details.

In the head increase a enrolles, reflections with the eye area plus lashes along with the several impact for the cheeks. You may also draw a couple of incredibly light outlines to point the best part of the eyes (which might be not getting sun darker). The therapy lamp is frequently dark due to the dark areas throw through the lashes along with the expression in the dark hued lashes inside eyes.

In the clothes simply just increase a buttons.

Step 6 – Applying Color & Shading


You must do completing every single place using the appropriate color. When you are color in some recoverable format be sure to keep a reflections with the eye area, wild hair, plus control keys white. In the event color electronically increase these folks with at the end.

You may then wish to color with the following way:

  • Darken a fretboard
  • Include some lower dark areas for the head (from a hair)
  • Give a shadow for the lower limbs (form a skirt)
  • Include some very small dark areas for the arms in the masturbator sleeves
  • Darken the top irises of the eye area
  • Include some really small dark areas to the top light regions of the eye area (from a eyelashes)

For the fretboard you can just color the full place to get other dark areas help make draw these folks approximately searching for the contour what's casting these folks (hair/skirt/sleeves/eyelashes). 

For the dark top of the sight you should use the fishing line through the last step to part ways a dim and lightweight parts.

Right now there is much range with regards to a decoration of chibi characters. 

This particular tutorial gives just one demonstration of how to get this kind of a character nonetheless you can make an effort to adjustment as well as completely alter the amounts to determine what you get.


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