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How to Draw Beautiful Anime Girl in Easy Step by Step

How To Draw Beautiful Female Anime

This specific thorough course describes just how to draw a beautiful cartoons lady within 15 steps. Especially this looks at pulling the public presence of such a character by leading view.



Since the subject says the main target with this course is actually about pulling a beautiful woman cartoons character. 

In cartoons in addition to manga these types of often have positions including the “really girl” in class and will not necessarily function as the protagonist. 

Nonetheless pulling a cartoons lady to check gorgeous is actually a difficult task since several of them are interested in always be rather lovely by default. 

That can help that course gives a by way of information on how to pull in addition to position the head in addition to face attributes for a “really girl” identity archetype.

Additionally take note that while this levels during this course may help obtain the “gorgeous girl” glimpse, accusation in court one of them in addition to there are numerous alternative ideas to draw such a character.

General this course offers beneficial pulling tactics that will can use to help art work usually with suggestions about having a certain anime/manga design and style look.

Step 1 – Draw the Center Guide Line & The Top of the Head

Star by pulling any usable line by way of center of a person's pulling area. However it will likely be large more than enough to support the height of your scalp, neck of the guitar, in addition to the very best portion of the shoulders.

The intention of that lines are to help are helpful information that helps be sure that both sections of your head/neck/shoulders will be involving comparatively actually width. After additionally, it may ease spacing in addition to ranking this face features.

Presents itself that line pull any eliptical that will depict the top of the head.

Step 2 – Draw the Bottom of the Head


By the fewer 50 percent of your eliptical job a couple traces downhill in addition to set at an angle in the direction of the center line. These kind of ought to in that case conversion directly into figure in addition to go about an excellent crispier perspectives to help ultimately be part of at the curvature of your chin.

You can view this stop working within the case in point above.

Step 3 – Draw the Neck/Shoulders


Increase the risk for neck of the guitar rather slender in relation to the head in addition to rather long. It will gradually transitioning in to the neck muscle mass that ought to in that case conversion in to the shoulders.

A new slender in addition to very long neck of the guitar will assist point out a beautiful character.

As this course generally specializes in the public presence we won't begin too much depth about pulling these.

Step 4 – Position the Eyes Horizontally

To be able to position the eye area you'll be able to horizontally divide the head by 50 % as revealed while using the model above. For any “gorgeous girl” identity you will be able position the little brown eyes a bit listed below that nearly point. the bigger face will boost “cuteness&rdquo ;.

Step 5 – Space the Eyes Horizontally & Draw Their Basic Outlines

When spacing the eye area horizontally you'll want to abandon pertaining to more than enough area together that you could integrate yet another eye.

When truly pulling the eye area cause them to rather filter with comparatively thick groups of best eyelashes.

During this period you can simply summarize the usual shape of the eye area without pulling the many small information including the eyelashes.

Desire to will be to initially effectively put many of the face features.

Step 6 – Position & Draw the Eyebrows

Pretty up high higher than the little brown eyes pull this eyelashes with fuller in addition to a bit raised interior ends. It will help offer the identity a clear personality.

Step 7 – Position & Draw the Nose

A sinuses will be a bit higher than the nearly point between your horizontal line for your middle of the scalp in addition to the bottom of this chin.

Lure this sinuses per se in close proximity to a small oval fit and healthy with the inside much better the center of the public presence a bit flatter.

Step 8 – Position & Draw the Mouth

Placed the teeth exactly where it is really bottom level lip (not truly drawn) would certainly cover nearly involving the bottom of this sinuses in addition to the bottom of this chin.

Increase the risk for teeth rather small with a really moderate downhill curve. It's very critical definitely not to draw an excessive amount any challenge and the identity can have an sad wanting expression.

Step 9 – Position & Draw the Ears

Squeeze head using their covers a bit listed below the top of the little brown eyes along with underside a bit listed below the bottom of this nose. Pertaining to this specific identity this head will be pulled slightly smaller in addition to a bit reduce than is actually recommended.

However the majority of the head will be taught in head of hair thus isn't a great deal desire for pulling their own interior details.

Step 10 – Draw the Sides of the Hair

Following setting the many face attributes you'll be able to proceed to pulling this hair.

To stress which the identity is actually gorgeous (takes proper care of herself) i will present her with a relatively cool head of hair style.

When pulling the hair you'll be able to consider it as becoming split up into the edges, top in addition to back/top sections.

Start with pulling this “sides” portion of the hair. However these types of will be a couple rather very long “clumps” that will commence by throughout the top of your head in addition to finish with a couple of chips a bit underneath the shoulders.

Produce these types of a bit bent just as if they can be holding this head/face as well as cause them to a bit bigger on the bottom.

Step 11 – Draw the Front of the Hair

Lure leading part of the head of hair split down the very center in addition to tucked in the sides.

Step 12 – Draw the Back/Top of the Hair

Lure this back/top part as well split on the middle. 

The hair ought to initially keep a bit a greater distance up with the head towards it is rather best, in that case have a small nearer in the direction of this near the upper finish involving the edges of your head. 

Eventually it should all over again challenge out from the head towards this middle/bottom of your head.

Following a person finishes pulling the hair you'll be able to eliminate the various components of your head/and head that will are handled by it.

If you're questioning the reason why you possessed to fully delay the head in addition to head and not merely start out with the hair there are lots of factors behind this. 

An example may be that will viewing the sizing of your scalp would make it easier to position the face attributes (as had been revealed in the steps). 

Before i forget - that will pulling in a manner can help in order to avoid lots of possibilities mistakes.

Step 13 – Add the Small Details


Following a person finishes pulling this sets out of your head of hair in addition to setting the many face attributes you will be able pull the many small details.

However those will be:

  • Interior information the eye area
  • Head of hair collapses
  • Mole/Beauty Mark

As you move the little brown eyes as model will be a bit several the many pulling steps does apply towards model during this tutorial.


You can view a basic step-by-step pulling involving the details involving the eye area above. 

Additionally please be aware which the irises will be in the shade greyish simply to result in the illustrates within a final pulling easier to help see. 

In the event that you are going to always be colour the eye area you could wish to be another color.

When carried out with the eye area it's fine to use a number of additional head of hair collapses as revealed within the primary example.

Eventually a person may add slightly beauty mark/mole only a bit listed below one of the little brown eyes (or additional places). This will likely all over again enable point out that will your ex is actually gorgeous as a number of well-known models have these.

You can view a rather bigger model involving the public presence higher than to help transform it into a little better to see.

Step 14 – Color the Drawing

Before even thinking about color the it is really worth noting if performing the like papers you might abandon a number of whitened blotches for your illustrates within the head of hair (see subsequent step). In the event that color in electronic format it is really better to increase this illustrates within at the end.

For any precise coloring selection a person can go many different possibilities options. However i will present her with rather gentle brunette head of hair in addition to free colored glowing blue eyes.

Step 15 – Shade & Finish the Drawing

For some erogenous covering it's fine to use shadows within the most common places. However are going to as follows:

  • Little shadows throughout the eye lids
  • Modest shadows underneath the eyelashes (cast by way of the eyelashes)
  • Very small darkness to 1 area of your sinuses
  • Completely in the shade head
  • Large darkness within the neck of the guitar within the proper execution u this chin area (cast by way of the head)
  • Completely in the shade interior portion of the head of hair between your head/neck in addition to the inside head of hair

As mentioned earlier a person may add a number of head of hair illustrates as almost whitened zigzag traces through the hair. 

When encouraged prior you can simply abandon the therapy lamp whitened then coloring close to it. 

However use a whitened static correction pencil to feature these individuals within above best or get it done digitally.


Mentioned previously at the start of this course, woman cartoons personas are often lovely by default thus it's not easy to draw one which is supposed to be beautiful. 

Nonetheless making use of the levels in addition to face attribute location during this course may help create such a character.

The big face increases the “cuteness” though the large but a bit less wide (than common within anime) little brown eyes present her with a more mature face. 

A raised brows while using the downhill bent teeth provides only handful of “condescending” glimpse (not automatically negative), almost like a full or another person of your uppr class. 

While doing so will still be a relatively calm in addition to real looking expression.











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