How to Draw Anime Girl Pigtails Hair



Your pigtails hairstyle can be very just like ponytail within precisely how it can be drawn.

Step 1 – Draw the Head

Pull a simple put together of the head.

Step 2 – Draw the Hairline

Increase the actual hairline while shown while in the example.

Step 3 – Draw the Back/Top Section of the Hair

Similar to the horse tail start here is your chance with the rear part of the hair. Since the locks will be experiencing drawn in not one but two guidance (to just about every pigtail) sketch that using not one but two curves which sign up around the top of the head.

Eliminate the part of the actual top paid by this locks after done.

Step 4 – Draw the Front Section of the Hair

You possibly can sketch the top part of the locks exactly the same as for the ponytail example, within huge lumps with the kinds didn't remember the words pointing much more downhill and the wonderful on all sides pointing much more in direction of their own particular sides.

Eliminate the various of the head/hairline paid by this locks afterwards.

Step 5 – Draw the Pigtails

Pull the actual pigtails marginally broader at the pinnacle along with slimmer in direction of the base (splitting way up directly into lesser locks clumps).

Eliminate the part of the actual top covered by the pigtail at the front after done.

Step 6 – Finish the Hair Drawing


To end here is your chance first give a parting series down the center of the locks exactly where it can be getting drawn in opposite directions. 

You possibly can sketch this while more or less your zigzag. Afterwards start being active . folds over towards the pigtails.



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