How to Draw Anime Girl Characters With Santa Hat

 This tutorial shows how exactly to draw an anime girl wearing a Santa hat. It contains twelve steps with detailed examples for the various stages of the drawing process.



The lady in the example may also be wearing a Christmas outfit and may have a happy/joyful expression which can be right for the holidays.

As this tutorial offers this kind of detailed break down of the drawing process it's fairly long but hopefully that may also make it easier for you to follow along.

Please remember that as the proportions found in this tutorial follow a lot of the general guides here, they are still some what tweaked to this particular character and might be slightly different than those in other similar tutorials.

Also be aware that you should erase a number of the outlines as you move between the various steps. In the event that you are going to be drawing using pencil and paper make sure you make light lines to ensure that it's easier to do so. You can darken them afterwards once you are feeling that everything is in the proper place.

Step 1 – Draw the Head

Start by making a straight line through the middle of your drawing area. It's purpose is to act as helpful information line to assist you see if both halves of the facial skin are relatively even yet in width.

Towards the upper end of the guide line draw the the top of head as shown in the example. This will be close in form to a circle.

Taking place from the upper half add underneath part of the head. You can again begin to see the break down of the various lines/curves because of this in the above mentioned example.

Start with a set of lines which can be slightly angled towards the middle of the pinnacle followed by way of a set a of curves. Next draw another set of lines angled towards the middle of the pinnacle (more so than the previous set). Finally join the 2 sides with the little curve of the chin at the bottom.

Step 2 – Draw the Neck & Shoulders

From underneath part of the pinnacle project another set of lines downwards to show the neck. These should transition into the shoulder muscles/shoulders on each of these respective sides.

For more on drawing necks and shoulders see:

Step 3 – Draw the Eyes

In order to place the eyes you can draw a horizontal line that divides the pinnacle into two even halves. Draw the eyes directly below this line.

As of this stage you can leave out most of these inner details as the goal is to get the proper size and positioning.

Eye Spacing

Space the eyes far enough apart so that you can fit another eye among them.

Step 4 – Draw the Eyebrows


Above the eyes draw the eyebrows. For this particular expression they'll be raised so you would want to draw them using their inner ends slightly lifted in addition to using their overall positioning slightly greater than you would for an ordinary expression.

In cases like this the eyebrows are fairly thin however, not to the stage where they could be drawn with only one line. You can make several lines to offer them the proper thickness (especially towards their inner ends) but nonetheless make sure you keep these very light (for this stage of the drawing).

Step 5 – Draw the Ears

Place the ears using their upper parts near the upper part of the eyes and their bottom parts near the halfway point involving the the top of eyes and underneath of the chin.

Leave out the inner information on the ears as a lot of them is going to be included in the hair.

Step 6 – Draw the Nose


Draw the nose as pretty much a dot with it's bottom involving the the top of eyes and underneath of the chin.

Step 7 – Draw the Mouth


In cases like this the girl is going to be smiling (teeth showing) and so the keeping of the mouth is going to be tweaked accordingly.

Draw it with it's bottom positioned involving the nose and the chin as shown in the example.

Step 8 – Draw the Hair

Drawing the hair is going to be split into three sub steps and will use the approach of splitting it into different sections (front, sides and back/top).

Draw the hair overlapping the outline of the head/facial features. You can erase the parts which can be included in it afterwards.

Before entering this task you can even erase some of the guide line for placing the facial features.

Also please remember that some elements of the hair is going to be included in the hat in later steps and should be erased. However to help provide you with a better understanding how exactly to draw it you will be able to see the entire hairstyle below.

For the slightly simplified version of adding the hair in addition to types of drawing other

Draw the Front of the Hair


Start with drawing leading portion of the hair as shown in the example above. As this is anime hair draw it in fairly large clumps with pointy ends.

Draw the Sides of the Hair


For this particular hairstyle draw the medial side chapters of the hair as pretty much mirroring each other. Each side can be pretty much one large clump with a somewhat curve in it's overall shape (hugging the face) and a divided on it's bottom tip.

Draw the Back of the Hair


Finally add the top/back section. You can kind of think of this while the “background” hair. The most truly effective part of the section should somewhat trace the design of the the top of head some distance from it to offer the hair volume.

Underneath part must certanly be a series of small and mid-sized hair clumps like the front section.

Clean up the Hair Drawing


Finally as mentioned from the beginning of this task erase the elements of the head/facial features which can be included in the hair so that you have a good and clean drawing like the example above.

Step 9 – Draw the Clothes

This task will again be broken down into sub steps which will contain adding a Santa hat, a bow and some partially visible clothes.

Draw the Santa Hat


In the same way you've drawn the hair over the pinnacle draw the Santa hat over the top of hair.

With this stage you can simplify the pom pom as pretty much merely a circle.

Draw the Outfit

The top of part of the clothes as shown in the example above.

Draw the Ribbon


Finally add a bow round the neck.

Ribbon Drawing Step by Step


You will see the break down of drawing the ribbon in the example above.

  1. Draw the lace round the neck
  2. Add the know in the middle
  3. Draw the “bow tie” looking little the ribbon
  4. Add the ends of the laces hanging down

Clean up the Clothes Drawing


Again pick up the drawing this time around by erasing all the elements of the body included in the clothes. Then you're able to add the folds to the ribbon in addition to the fluff to the pom pom as shown in the example above.

Draw the fluff in many clumps (similar to the hair) over the top of circle using it as helpful information to help maintain the round shape of the pom pom. Then you're able to erase the circle once done.

Step 10 – Draw the Small Details

Next draw the inner information on the eyes in addition to the eyelashes.

Be sure to also add a touch of the eyelids above them.

You can also put in a tiny hint of the ear folds to the visible part of every ear (may be considered a bit hard to see in the example).

Once finished with this task you can trace over your lines with a more solid stroke to darken them.

Step 11 – Add Color


Finally you can color the drawing. In cases like this the outfit is going to be red and white. The hair is going to be brown and the eyes is going to be green.

Overall this may produce a nice combination of holiday colors.

As you color the hair you would want to lave some white spots for the highlights as shown in the example. You can shade these very light with exactly the same color while the hair afterwards.

If coloring digitally you can draw the highlights in over the top of hair color.

Step 12 – Add the Blush & Shading


Draw the blush with a series of striped lines in addition to a blend of some light red around them.

Finally in order to complete the drawing you can add some some fairly generic shading. The shadows is going to be added in places where they will likely occur if the type is outside during daytime on in a well lit room indoors.

Place the shadows as following:

  • On underneath of the “rim” part of the hat and on underneath of the pom pom
  • On the hair cast by the rim of the hat in addition to the hair itself
  • On the forehead (cast by the hair)
  • At the upper elements of the eyes in addition to the upper part of the irises (you may also color the pupils exactly the same dark green as they are generally naturally darker)
  • Round the eyelids
  • To one side of the nose
  • On the neck (cast by the head)
  • Below the “bow tie” of the ribbon in addition to well on it's inner side
  • On underneath part of the “collar” of the clothes in addition to below it


This tutorial combines many facets of other tutorials that you will find here. While this kind of detailed break down of drawing differing of the type caused it to be fairly long hopefully it also caused it to be easier for you to follow.





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