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How To Draw Anime Characters 2021

 Anime began as both hand- drawn and computer amped characters in Japan around the 1960s, and now its cartoon and ridiculous style is notorious each over the world.

Learning how to draw anime is simple, whether you ’re looking to sketch by hand or draw using a computer or tablet. Indeed more? There are plenitude of styles to choose from to get started.


 Step 1 Draw the Head

To get started with your anime delineation, sketch a circle using an downside-down mug or latitude. This will form the face of your anime character. Find the midpoint of your circle and mark this with a small pencil mark. 

Section out your circle from the halfway line down to the bottom of the circle with unevenly spaced vertical lines. When you ’re learning how to draw anime, these guidelines will help you to rightly place the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 2 Draw Anime Eyes

Launch by mapping in the eyebrows of your anime drawing as small bends across the top of the alternate vertical line. Also, between lines three and four, draw two perpendicular bends with a line across the top and bottom. These will produce the outlines of your anime eyes drawing.


There are numerous different ways of drawing anime eyes, but one of the easiest for newcomers is to draw a fraction on the upper right corner of the eye circle and leave this white, while shadowing in the rest of the eye circle. This creates a wide-eyed look that anime delineations are known for.

Step 3 Draw Anime Mouth

Next, place a small wind or line, depending on the style you ’re going for, along the nethermost edge of the circle to produce a small nose. Using your guidelines, you can begin working on your anime mouth drawing. Utmost anime mouths are simply a small wind about three- diggings of the way down the face. Your face is starting to take shape!

Step 4 Add the Final Touches

Your anime delineation is nearly complete! Sketch two perpendicular lines directly under the face for the neck, making these as close together as you ’d like depending on how skinny or wide the neck should be.

Anime hair will be the biggest difference in your delineation, depending on if you ’re working on an anime girl delineation or an anime boy delineation.

For boy hair, draw a small fleck about one inch from the top of the face circle. From then, you ’ll draw twisted lines down to produce a droopy haircut that’s common for manly characters. 

You ’ll frame these out by looping the lines up on the other side of your first lines to produce shapes that look like a win tree.

For girl characters, you ’ll start with those same twisted lines that you would on a boy character, but keep these to only one or two lines. 

You ’ll also draw bigger twisted lines around the outside of the face to produce longer hair. 

Shadow the external edges of the hair to make it stand out and add any fresh lines you ’d like to give it some further shape.

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