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Read Cool Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 90 - Updated

 We quite translated this. We just sent Ce-la some scribble of a translation then they filled within the blanks.

Yesterday, we wanted sour Rolly Balls (referring to the previous Wan! chapter). Today, i would like crepes. Kyouka and Atsushi star during this Wan chapter, and it makes me so happy!!!

We used to be grinning ear to ear yesterday once I first read it (even though we only understood half what they were saying). I’m still beaming from all the overflowing cuteness of this chapter.

Read Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 90

If anyone actually holds a crepe party, be happy to submit pictures and stuff. It are often by yourself, with friends, or together with your furry ally .  Read also Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 91


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