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Moe Meaning Anime. Galbraith notes that it is a pun derived from a Japanese word that literally means "budding. Is there an agreed upon definition for it?

This sub seems to misunderstand the meaning of moe ...
This sub seems to misunderstand the meaning of moe ... (Alejandro Gutierrez)
It can also be vague and mean a strong affection towards anything specific in the anime industry. For Moe, Kanji choices and meanings are listed below. People feel protective of moe characters.

Most people believe it's a certain type of anime character.

Because moe means a lot of different things, you will know what it is.

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Moe has a complex history and meaning. Moe (萌え, pronounced [moe]) is a Japanese slang word. It means "a rarefied pseudo-love for certain fictional characters (in anime, manga, and the like) and their related embodiments." Patrick W.

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