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Beyblade Damian Hart Manga. For the anime counterpart of the same name, see here. Gingka is a tall, slim young boy with notably long and skinny limbs.

Beyblade - Damian Hart - YouTube
Beyblade - Damian Hart - YouTube (Stephen Willis)
In short, a new Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga chapter will be published in this month's CoroCoro Aniki, meant for an older audience than CoroCoro. Damian Hart es un blader de clase alta perteneciente al equipo estadounidense, Star Breaker, es el líder del equipo, además de ser el blader más fuerte de la Academia HD. This is an article about the Anime Character.

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This is an article about the Manga Character.

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Latest reboot of the Beyblade franchise. The anime character Damian Hart is a teen with to neck length blue hair and gray eyes. Damian Hart (ダミアン·ハート, Damian Hāto) is one of the main antagonists in Beyblade: Metal Masters.

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