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Manga With Girly Male Mc. I'm tired of those female leads who are all blushy and fidgety around the mc. Females like in b gata h kei (she's so into having.

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It wasn't exactly girly in here. It's about a male (yes male) romantic shoujo manga author, and our female mc heroic struggle to get him to notice her feelings. If you are recommending manga (RT! = Read This!), please use the following: [RT!] name of manga (genres) and be liberal with genres!

I'm tired of those female leads who are all blushy and fidgety around the mc.

But in a world where. "Since I know the original novel, if I just avoid falling in love at first sight with the male lead, I definitely won't have a tragic ending!" Unlike the original novel, the male lead passionately confesses his love to Louise, and the heroine, who she believed to be kind, has it in for her…?!

Feminine Boy | Tumblr

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The type that can rock a dress kinda adorable, but if possible, I want him to There was one manga that involved soccer, and the female lead was in love with a girly, timid guy, and she mistook him to be gay, but he eventually. More comfortable hanging with him than any other girl, this is the story of love that begins with this one male friend. Any good romance anime where the MC.

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