Drawing Anime Eyes Guide

Drawing Anime Eyes Guide. We are drawing anime eyes, not conducting eye surgery, so don't worry about the optic nerve or musculus ciliaris or other obscure ( 🙂 ) parts of the - The upper eyelid crease is a horizontal indent formed above the upper eyelid that appears in some people. Then, extend short, curved lines outward from the end of each line.

JohnnyBro's How To Draw Manga: How to Draw Manga Eyes ...
JohnnyBro's How To Draw Manga: How to Draw Manga Eyes ... (Maude Hardy)
Learn how to draw anime eyes. Ever since discovering anime, I have been fascinated by this Japanese art genre. You can find a lot of tips about the anime eyes drawing with a lot of interesting things, and information.

A good guide for drawing anime eyes is to draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head as shown in the above example and to draw the eyes below that.

Welcome to this tutorial! make sure to download and print the free worksheet below to help you practice :D You can.

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The author does a nice job walking you through step by step. Manga eyes looking from a paper tear. Learn to Draw Cute Round Anime Eyes with this step by step guide.

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