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Beyblade Sora Manga. World Beyblade Organization by Fighting Spirits Inc. Sora Akatsuki (暁 宇宙 Akatsuki Sora) is a supporting character in the Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

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Sora is the only other person in the anime besides Gingka that has a Pegasus-type Beyblade. Looking for information on the manga Bakuten Shoot Beyblade (Beyblade)? Beyblade rising chapter dream of the blader.

New manga release of Beyblade the original series.

Story thus far: So, Borg showed up in Takao's home town to stir.

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Other manga by the same author(s). Valt Aoi is a total newbie when it comes to Beyblade battles, but no one can beat his love for the game! Beyblade, known in Japan as Explosive Shoot Beyblade , is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao.

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