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Are Moe And Curly Brothers

Are Moe And Curly Brothers. Are Curly , Moe and Shemp brothers ? No. ncismpm posted over a year ago.

Shemp Howard | Coal Troll's Blog
Shemp Howard | Coal Troll's Blog (Maude Bass)
Older fans take to brother Moe Howard's aggressive, domineering manner. Curly had thick chestnut hair and an. I was very angry with my brother.

Looking forward to seeing them again Saturday evening.

But your eye and your sense of childhood go directly to Curly.

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Early in the film the Stooges were shown as babies, and then as ten-year-olds. His brother Moe got him to the hospital in time to save his life. After he was healed, the accident left Curly with a slight limp because he had a thinner left leg.

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