7 Most Impressive Aot Before The Fall You Should Know

Aot Before The Fall. As AoT is a successful franchise, it makes sense to have a sequel (prequel in this case) series to ride on the hype and success. This article is about the manga version.

Attack on Titan - Armin...che amore💖 | Attack on titan art ...
Attack on Titan - Armin...che amore💖 | Attack on titan art ... (Leroy Cortez)
Doesn't it seem interesting,how did human kind invent the Maneuver gear? A mysterious youth named Kyklop and various other characters. Chaos ensues, and from the consumed corpse of a pregnant woman, a boy named Kuklo is born.

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is a series of Japanese light novels written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by THORES Shibamoto.

Could a Before the Fall adaptation happen after the main series concludes?

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This is my first step on becoming a Youtuber. Before the Fall is about one titan eating people, spitting back a baby, and people believing he is the son of a titan. Before the fall, and before the trials of "the Titan's son" Kuklo, a young smith by the name of Angel Aaltonen grappled with the giants as only a craftsman could.

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