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What More Can I Ask For

What More Can I Ask For. This photo was taken at the Mt. For example, I'm pretty sure I've heard "What more could anybody ask for?" I've also heard.

More Than We Can Imagine - Queen of Free
More Than We Can Imagine - Queen of Free (Nelle Henry)
I am an American and "What more could one ask for?" sounds perfectly natural, if a bit formal. You just need to ask and there are so many different ways to ask for help in English. To ask a favor, one would use phrases like "Would you please do ~ for me?".

Can I ask you a favour?

Demand means 'ask for something forcefully', in a way that shows we are not expecting a refusal: We are writing to ask for your help in finding suitable accommodation in New Haven.

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More Than We Can Imagine - Queen of Free

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This is not one of those idioms that comes in one form that Rephrase it without that and you are probably OK. Wilkins and music by Ray Noble. What indeed more could I ask for?

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