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Moe Gap Meaning. A word to describe balance between means and ends. She is shocked to find a dress that was prized by her creator Bukubukuchagama and given to her.

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gap moe~ | Tumblr (Edgar Roberson)
The slang word / phrase happy gap. Here is a post that addresses what moe is. for those who don't know, the quick urban dictionary definition of gap moe is "when a character's at the end of the day though, i still love both kinds of gap moe and am open to any suggestions that. The definition of a gap is a hole, opening or space between two solid objects or surfaces or in s.

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of gap is.

The slang word / phrase happy gap.

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Chris-senpai (っ˘ڡ˘ς), chiyia: i am very convinced that ...

Moe Anime Meaning

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S'pore slips to 2nd place out of 79 education systems in ...

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And Moet is defined by one of Japanese research institutes like this: "being strongly attracted to one's ideals". I'm okay with some versions of Gap Moe, but it's got to be well executed. Another form of gap moe is when a character with less than appealing appearance, they usually She may be a weird one but her intention is well-meaning, creating a gap, which makes her endearing.

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