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Manga Cool Female Lead. Manga fans know that Shonen Jump is famous for bringing strong male characters to the world, but for girls looking for role models, it can be tough to find a place. Cool, like the description and it has plenty of chapters.

8 Strong Female Leads in Anime - Sentai Filmworks
8 Strong Female Leads in Anime - Sentai Filmworks (Daniel Henry)

Preferably a manga with a female lead. The list is full of Manga, which contains these Strong female lead that breaks the chains and stands tall as a strong individual. You may feel your favorite manga should be gathered together into distinct categories for your own reference and, now, you can do this with a LIST.

There are tons of series with amazing female leads that don't get enough attention.

Read Manga Online » Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague.

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8 Strong Female Leads in Anime - Sentai Filmworks

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8 Strong Female Leads in Anime - Sentai Filmworks

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At First Glance, Shinoda-San Seems Cool but Is Actually Adorable! I just want a anime/manga where male lead is funny and cool, then i say cool i mean a guy that can think, not dense or hotheaded, the girl need to be like Shouko Kirishima from baka to test to shoukanjuu, but without " i love you " all the time, but not a tsundere either and female lead need to. "Since I know the original novel, if I just avoid falling in love at first sight with the male lead, I definitely won't have a tragic ending!" Unlike the original novel, the male lead passionately confesses his love to Louise, and the heroine, who she believed to be kind, has it in for her…?! Manga online latest manga hot manga newest manga.

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